Family Band

Family Band.jpg

Tom Rivière’s Family Band was formed in 2015, born out of the leader’s desire to work with with freer, more open structures. Some of the music is inspired by avant-garde music of the 1960’s, but much of the shape of it is left up to the sensibilities of the band members. The group recently released their eponymous debut album, which was well received, tracks being played on Jazz on 3 and Jazz Line-up on BBC radio 3.

In Tom’s words:

“I’ve been listening to a lot of Ornette’s classic quartet, Coltrane (particularly live recordings from around 63’ onwards) and Jarrett’s band with Dewey Redman. These groups all have a quality that I’m attracted to. I can’t quite pin down what it is exactly, but for lack of a better term I’ll say that I like the apparent spirituality of the music; with these bands the music just feels unquestionably right to me.

This direction in my listening relates to something I’ve been working towards in my playing. In short, I want to stop thinking when I improvise. Sometimes when I’m on stage I experience moments in which it is as if I’m an outside observer listening to myself and the band play. This is a very satisfying feeling – much more enjoyable than the analytical state of mind I often fall into whilst performing – and I’d like to experience it more often. To that end, it made sense to me to put together a project loosely inspired by the aforementioned groups, as the more open structures that they often favour lend themselves to what it is that I seek: music that I can feel – rather than think – my way through.”

Trumpet – Kim Macari

Tenor Saxophone – Riley Stone-Lonergan

Double Bass – Tom Rivière

Drums – Steve Hanley


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